A Bevel Guide To A New You For The New Year

Welcome to our New Year section featuring some of the best grooming, style and lifestyle content we’ve compiled this past year; including fresh tips and new faces we’ve been eager to show you.

Here at Bevel Code, we’ve brought you cultural perspectives, tips and advice that speak directly to you because we’ve been listening. This year we invite you to grow with us. Now more than ever Bevel Code is your space, your time to rise up and take charge of what makes you feel and look good.

This year, we’ll continue our commitment to deliver the kind of stories and advice meant to elevate all facets of your grooming. It’s why we exist.

Now it’s your turn. Have no doubt that we’ve got your back. But we still want to hear from you, what you’d like to see more of and care about. Drop us a note anytime:

– Chatel Theagene, BevelCode Editor


Forge a comeback with your grooming game this year and learn how to let go of bad habits for good


Tip a hat to some classic trends, stay on your grind and learn how to be your best self